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Airport (1970)  

Review: written 2007

It is the oldest movie in the Airport franchise that has dated the least. Airport, starring Burt Lancaster and Dean Martin, still holds the attention now, over 40 years later. It was the least thrilling of the series, relying more on characters and melodrama for its entertainment, in keeping with its Arthur Hailey source novel. Here, while there is ultimately drama in the air when a bomber threatens to blow up Dean Martin's plane, most of the exposition takes place on the ground, and the drama is about the running of an airport rather than the planes, and who will end up sleeping with who rather than who might end up meeting a nefarious end. It is a slow build up, with a satisfying denouement. Burt Lancaster solidly holds things together, and while it is hard to imagine 10 Oscar nominations now, it is a solid piece of entertainment.

Interesting trivia note – the 707 used in the flying scenes crashed in 1989.

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