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Wall*E (2008)   rating

Review: written 2008

One of the finest animated movies ever made

Wall*E (2008)

What a little treasure of a movie! This is arguably not just the best animated movie of the year, but possibly simply the best movie of the year. There is an unabashed love of the essence of cinema, of visual stimulii and sound to tell a story, the likes of which is rarely seen. Certainly, rarely imbued with such originality and warmth.

Our little hero is a waste disposal unit, left on an earth which is polluted and trashed, slowly making his way through huge mountains of garbage. He has evolved a personality since mankind left 700 years ago.. a personality that lets him learn how to hold affection for EVE, a modern sleek robot who arrives one day on a secret mission. When she returns to space, Wall*E follows and he finds out what has happened to mankind and may even hold the key to changing their path, as he forms a deeper bond with EVE.

The opening scenes are breathtakingly beautiful and detailed - the squeaks and whistles that form Wall*E's voice truly define his personality to the audience, and his antics never fail to draw the viewer in, as he collects artefacts (in a way reminiscent of Ariel in Little Mermaid). In truth, the most cartoon and unbelievable characters in the movie are the humans, once Wall*E finds them. That quibble aside, we are left with a movie put together with huge care and attention which delights from beginning to end. For the cinema buff, there are enough references to classics such as 2001, Silent Running and others to appreciate along the way.

Wall*E (2008)

It certainly cannot be overlooked that this is probably the finest animation Pixar has ever achieved. At times during the first 20 minutes especially, you could almost be watching live action. But it is not just the quality of craftsmanship of the manufacture of the movie. Once again, Pixar have created genuine characters - even if they ARE `just' robots. And crucially, it’s storytelling that really works. Joyously, the eco-message is never slapped in your face in a moment of sentimentality. The tightrope between gooey sentimentality and genuine warmth is duly walked, with stunning effect.

Wall*E (2008)

All in all, an unmissable movie - if you think you don't like animation, get off your high horse and prepare to be gobsmacked. If you like Pixar's output already, prepare to see them at their most imaginative.

Simply perfect.

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