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Epic Movie (2007)   rating

Review: written 2007

There are no words to describe how awful this movie is

Epic Movie (2007)

There are various uses you could put this DVD to, if you purchased it.

- Need an unusual, fun but cheap mug coaster? The disc should be removed from the packaging - print out a photograph and cut it to the shape of the DVD - now you have a coaster with a picture on it, ideal to get those party conversations going.

- Need a ransom note? There are some unusual fonts used in the packaging - the letters could be cut out and pasted onto any commonly used untraceable A4 paper to issue your demands without leaving incriminating handwriting

- Loose DVD's lying around, getting scratched? The DVD cover used for this movie could be recycled to use for other discs. Simply draw on a paper a suitable design and text, and insert into the outer plastic sleeve to complete the effect.

However, under no circumstances, ever watch this movie. It is execrable, having no redeeming features whatsoever... not a single laugh, not even a sly grin passed my lips during the entire proceedings.

Why do moviemakers feel that simply copying sections or performances from other movies but with cheaper actors and ending in a fart or a fleeting glimpse of breasts actually passes for satire??

For the record, if you care, the movies copied here are almost entirely Chronicles of Narnia, with a little of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and one character from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Avoid Like the plague.

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