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Premonition (2007)  rating

Review: written 2007

A mediocre movie in search of a genre - and failing to find one

Sandra Bullock puts in a great performance as a confused and conflicted women unsure of reality. Perhaps she was channelling how she felt about being in the movie, because the script is entirely undeserving of her attentions and unsure of itself.

Not that it is completely without merit - the concept of a woman who lives the days of a week out of order giving her first a chance to know her husband is going to die, and then perhaps a chance to change it before it happens, is quite an interesting one. The opportunity is wasted though, as plot logic flies through the window, along with our suspension of disbelief. Apart from a brief chat with a priest, no explanation is given as to how this premonition happens, or why it would happen to her. The plot therefore leads you on with the hook of `will she make it?' in a ticking clock sort of way, before fizzling out into a stock-heartwarming message about how we approach life being as important as death etc. etc. Not that it's a bad message, but the movie just does not decide which way it is going until the end... and it is too late to rescue an audiences involvement.

On the plus side, music is good - both suspenseful and melancholic by turns, and the acting across the board is good - with the exception perhaps of the husband, who fails to convince us of being the man that would hold Bullock's devotion the way he does.

Not a complete disaster, but neither is it worthy of a recommendation - for Bullock completists only.

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