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In Pursuit Of Honour (1995) (TV Movie)   rating

Review: written 2008

Effectively Told True Story

In Pursuit Of Honour (1995) (TV Movie)

HBO continues to give the `Made for TV' label a good name with this interesting based-on-fact story.

It's the Great Depression, and General MacArthur is trying to turn the American army into a modern force, with the growing threat of war from across the Atlantic looming. As part of the process, the Cavalry is changing form, and the order goes out to herd hundreds of horses to Mexico to be slaughtered.

A young, idealistic officer (Craig Sheffer) and a grizzled veteran sergeant with a conscience, decide this is inhumane and against their principles and duty, given the Cavalry's sworn duty to protect his horse. With a handful of men at their side, they take the horses on the run. This leads to a chase across America as the army track them with orders to do whatever is necessary to bring them back. Rod Steiger plays the retired commanding officer who is sympathetic to the cause, and Gabrielle Anwar his beautiful daughter who is a journalist and brings the story to a wider audience.

It's not a deep portrayal of characters, but it is nonetheless a compelling story, which wins points for being told in an economical way, without undue navel gazing. Don Johnson is terrific in the role, a far cry from his dapper toothy grinned characters elsewhere, and Sheffer just about holds his own.

You'll have to be made of stone not to get some sort of lump in your throat during the scenes when horses have to be put down...

Worth while viewing.

In Pursuit Of Honour (1995) (TV Movie)

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