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Review: written 2006

First class animated movie for children and adults alike

It's refreshing to see some real competition to Pixar and Disney. The story is not as clever as Pixar at its best, but for my money this is easily the equal if not better than `Cars'. Fox animation, with Ice Age and now Robots, have realised that creating memorable characters and putting them in a decent story, is a winning ticket. Here, they have done that, and added extraordinarily good animation - Halle Berry describes it well when she says it is really like there was a DP (Director of Photography) it is so well lit, and also contains a smorgasbord of sight gags, puns, running jokes etc, which crucially appeal to the adults as well as the kids. I love the opening gag when the father robot is running home because his wife is expecting - he bursts in the door and his wife says `I'm so sorry, you missed the delivery!" (as we see the delivery van drive away, the camera pans down to the box of baby robot parts) "but that's ok, it's making the baby that's the fun part!".

The voice cast are superb - Mel Brooks plays the big likeable boss, Ewan Macgregor is surprisingly.. well, American, in his role, and of course Robin Williams is just a living cartoon anyway so is perfect casting.

All in all, well worth a watch, and will bear repeated viewings. Hits all the right buttons to keep all ages amused.

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