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Three to Tango (1999)  rating

Review: written 2007

Predictable, tired plot, saved by appealing cast

The plot is one of those situations that could only ever happen in a movie - desperate to win a contract, Matthew Perry falls victim to a misunderstanding - that he is gay - and has to go along with it, lest he lose the contract. The reason he might lose the contract, is that the rich builder offering the contract has asked Perry to watch over his cute mistress (Neve Campbell), assuming that Perry is `safe'.

Of course, Perry and Campbell fall in love, lots of comic moments ensue as Perry pretends to be gay, truth then comes out and she is devastated, but right at the end she.. oh, you've been here before..? Yes, it is true rom-com assembly line stuff, but where it scores is the casting. Perry does Chandler to perfection - No stretch for him, but it works well, so let’s go with it.. and Neve Campbell is just so doggone easy on the eyes and downright appealing that they win you over with their undeniable chemistry.

It has a few laugh out loud moments, a few cringeworthy moments, but a below par movie is pulled up to a pass mark by the main duo plus a great supporting cast of Oliver Platt (as the actual gay partner), John McGinley (from Scrubs) and even Kelly Rowan (from The O.C.), plus a healthy dollop of energy in the direction.

Undemanding, smile-raising, but utterly forgettable.

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