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Vacancy (2007)   rating

Review: written 2008

Well put together, but pointless slasher flick

 Vacancy (2007)

Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale put in decent performances in this claustrophobic slasher movie. The first 20 minutes establish them as a couple on the brink of a failed marriage, who have got lost on the way back from a visit to parents. They end up staying at a seedy motel, but they soon find the room is not going to give them any rest - the slasher movies in the video player in the room appear to be real, and take place in the same room they are in, and it soon becomes clear they are to be the unwilling stars of the next one.

There are some genuine thrills and the whole thing is put together quite efficiently. It is not as graphic as some of the torture movies proliferating these days, and better for it. However, there is a nagging feeling that the first 20 minutes discovering who this couple are, is the most interesting part of the movie. For the slasher parts, there is a nagging feeling of pointlessness.

That aside, if its nasty slasher thrills you are after, then go ahead. For dramatic substance, apply elsewhere.

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