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The Boondock Saints  

Review: written 2006

A bold, violent film with elements of comedy, tragedy and moral message.

This is a full blown blood flying, f-word sprayed (used 246 times, apparently) semi comedy that could only have been made post-Tarantino. If pointless violence or foul language disturbs you, then this is NOT the movie for you. If Pulp Fiction and its ilk are your forte, then step this way. In fact, maybe not Tarantino - this film actually comes closer to an American version of Guy Ritchie's films than any other American movie I have seen.

It's great fun on one level, disturbing on another, with religious overtones so strong that no Catholic church allowed the movie to film its sanctuary. It will even get you talking about the idea of vigilantism - good thing or bad - how far is too far?

Plot has been elaborated on elsewhere, but basically two brothers who work in a meat factory in Boston get into a fight at their bar which results in the deaths of two `bad guy' Russians. This empowers them to feel they are on a mission from God to cleanse the world of `bad guys'. Meanwhile, Willem Defoe plays a gay FBI genius on their trail - his portrayal of a man almost over the edge in various ways, is a real highlight.

Music is great, with thumping soundtrack and choral music making an unlikely but oddly effective combination - and the photography belies the low budget and short shoot (just 32 days). Billy Connolly appears late in the movie sporting an awful Irish accent, in a short but pivotal role.

All in all, an imperfect treat of sorts, but not for the squeamish or easily offended.

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