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Chasing Liberty (2004)  

Review: written 2007

Harmless and fun though unoriginal

andy Moore goes through the chick flick motions again, as "cute girl with romance problems". On this occasion, her obstacle to romance is the fact she is the President's daughter (Liberty being her Secret Service codename). So, at 18, on a trip to Europe, she escapes the secret service army protecting her, in order to experience real freedom. On the way, she enlists the help of a young English man Ben Calder, played by Mathew Goode. Her father secretly allows it, having decided that she needs to experience `controlled freedom', to get it out of her system. The safety net is that Ben Calder is actually a secret service agent the President has sworn to protect her, and never to reveal his identity.

It's formulaic and undemanding - but in fact hits all the right notes to achieve success in its given genre. Mandy Moore is cute, although she comes across more as spoilt kid than object of sympathy. Mathew Goode plays the role with manner, accent and appeal all directly descended from the Hugh Grant school of acting. Parallel to the main plot, is the more unlikely, but rather funny and more enjoyable building of romance between the two agents who are chasing Liberty across Europe, played by the always worth watching Jeremy Piven, and Annabella Sciorra.

The locations in Prague, Berlin, and especially Venice, make for some visual eye candy helping to maintain some interest for the non teenagers in the crowd.

Guys will no doubt find this schmaltzy, but if you have to watch a chick flick, then this one is better than many out there.

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