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The Equalizer (2014)

Review: written Mar 2015

Washington watchable in worthwhile thriller

The Equalizer (2014)

It’s vital to enter into this film dropping expectations of the original Equaliser series, which was a far more mild-mannered affair. The emphasis in this movie is much more on the vengeance and death than kindness and support… but it drives along so efficiently and with a typically engaging performance from Washington, that the ‘Death Wish’ similarities can be easily forgiven.

Mood in the first half builds Washington’s tone and character, as we see a solitary and private man who clearly has compassion and cares for the security of those around him. His conversations in his night time venue of a quiet 24 hour diner with Chloe Grace Moretz’ character are a satisfying slow build into his world. As things progress and he is compelled to mete out his own form of justice (normally using various tools from the hardware store where he works..), the movie changes into a grimmer vengeance themed tone as the deadly skills from Washington’s pre-hardware store career are given full reign. It’s the most exploitational movie I can recall Washington take on, but he still brings his trademark humanity to the role helping make what could have been hard to swallow actually an enjoyable journey to take.

The action is brutal and exciting, but while ably and efficiently depicted in a kinetic style, it never manages to feel like something we haven’t seen before. Even the baddies are the current Hollywood stalwart – Russian mob. That said, the final showdown has some of the more inventive ways of dispatching bad guys than I’ve seen for a while.

No classic then, but pretty enjoyable nonetheless, and if they do a sequel, I’ll be in line.

The Equalizer (2014)

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