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Guns of the Magnificent Seven (1969)  

Review: written June 2007

Weak sequel relies on nostalgia for original

Third time out for the franchise, George Kennedy now fills Brynner's boots - or rather actually quite different boots. This is still the character of Chris, but now he has lost the trademark dark clothes, gained a head of hair and become significantly more chatty.. at least he keep his passion for long cigars.

This time Monte Markham co-stars as a Steve-McQueen-like role, significantly better than Fuller did in the previous movie (Return of the Magnificent Seven). Although markedly different from Yul Brynner in approach, George Kennedy is certainly no disaster in the role - he plays it with conviction and the same moral compass from the previous outings. This movie is shot in Spain (as was ‘Return of the Magnificent Seven’), and somehow the result is that the Mexicans are more believable characters, but not much else about the story is. Music and memories of the characters from the original, help give enough nostalgia to help you turn a blind eye to most of the plot holes and weak story.

Kennedy does elevate the proceedings above forgettable, but not by much.

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