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Monsters vs Aliens (2009)

Review: written Apr 2010

Hilarious pastiche of 50’s B movies

Monsters vs Aliens (2009)

This might not be as layered or polished as some, but it was one of the most laugh out loud animations I'd seen in a while. Reese Witherspoon voices Ginormica - the lady who on the day of her wedding is affected by a weird radiation which make her grow 50ft high. She is then taken by a secret government base headed by a general hilariously voiced by Kiefer Sutherland, to join other `freaks' such as the missing link, B.O.B. the blob, and Doctor Cockroach, all similarly plucked from classic movies for those that know their sci-fi. When an alien comes to earth threatening its destruction in his quest to obtain something Earth has, Ginormica and her new friends are all the government has to stand in their way.

So much for the plot, it's pretty straightforward and not particularly full of surprises.. but in fact it's the knowing nods and winks to the genre that make this movie a treat, with plenty of gags both visual and scripted to keep you amused. While the animation is second to the story, and the characters stylised rather than photo realistic, there are moments, such as the Golden Gate Bridge scene, that showcase some excellent animation, particularly in High Definition if you have the chance. Hugh Laurie and Seth Rogen add to the excellent voice cast, making this a well rounded worthwhile watch.

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