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Music and Lyrics (2007)

Review: written Feb 2009

‘Nice’ Rom-com hits the right note

Music and Lyrics (2007)

In a time when comedies are becoming ever more gross out, it's nice to stumble across one as old fashioned in tone as this now and again. There are no originality awards to be won here, but Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore do their thing, and they both do it well.

80's pop band has-been Grant (check out that hilarious 80's pop video during the credits) has an opportunity to regain a glimmer of the limelight by dueting with the big star of the day - provided he can write a hit tune, which he has not done in ten years since splitting with his lyrics writer. Enter Drew Barrymore, the ever cute and smiling (has she taken the Meg Ryan throne, you think..?) lady who is there to water the plants (and do people really hire someone just to water indoor plants??). Turns out she might be just the talent to help him write lyrics and they start working together. Could it possibly be that they might start falling for each other? Well, like I say, not high in the originality stakes. And yet there are a few genuine laughs and gags along the way, and the leads are charming and self-effacing enough in the lead roles to make this a harmlessly enjoyable diversion for just over an hour and a half.

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