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My Name Is Nobody  

Review: written 2004

Unusual but instantly classic Western

Tonino Valerii was Sergio Leones cinematographer of choice, and it is assumed that Sergio Leone directed at least some of this wonderful Western, in addition to his stated 'producer' role. The style, the trademark Ennio Morricone music, the nostalgia for disappearing times and the locations all are familiar Leone staples, but this movie showcases humour and more script than we normally expect from him.

Be aware that this is a comedic take, but done so subtly and charmingly by Nobody (played by the perfect cast blonde blue eyed Terence Hill) and his interplay with Henry Fonda, that it never gets in the way of the style and story.

Henry Fonda represents the old West, and maybe even the old Western, who is planning to move to Europe and live out the rest of his years. Nobody is the character who appears a buffoon and simple minded but is actually possibly the smartest of them all, and maybe the fastest on the draw. His desire is to see his hero go down not fading away into old age, but in a blaze of glory..

Right down to the finale, the interchanges between them are touching as well as bringing a smile to your face, and while occasionally the humour is more slapstick than you might be used to, overall you are left with a nostalgic glow from the heart-warming ending.

If you like Westerns, or if you like Leone, or even if you just like something a little different, then this is a must see.

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