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My Super Ex-Girlfriend (2006)  

Review: written 2007

Fun High concept rom-com

A comedy with a clever and original premise, this is a movie which is fun, if not classic.

Uma Thurman is G-girl, the hero of the city. One day she meets Matt Saunders, an everyday sort of a guy who asks her out, and the two start dating. Alas, he worries about her neuroses, and leaves her for his real love, the girl at work played by Anna Faris (Scary Movie 3 and 4, and Brokeback Mountain). This unleashes the neuroses, and now they are all directed at him. Think it's bad dealing with a crazy ex-girlfriend? Try one who is mad enough to throw a shark in your room!

It's good fun, and played for pretty broad laughs most of the time. Director Ivan Reitman has never been known for subtle or clever humour (Evolution, Kindergarten Cop, Ghostbusters) but knows how to handle high concept. Luke Wilson is surprisingly OK as the man in peril, Eddie Izzard breezes through his bad guy role, but Uma Thurman is the star, chewing up her over-egged role for all it is worth.

It's got some real laugh out loud moments, and you'll end the movie having had your chuckles. It's funnier in the first half and winds down as the `excitement' notches up. However the final visual of the ladies going off to fight crime as the men-folk carry the handbags left me with enough of a smile on my face to recommend it... but only just!

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