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The Red Right Hand  

Review: written 2006

Recommend avoiding this low budget would be creepy movie

Every now and again Amazon makes a wrong recommendation - this was it for me.

A low budget creepy thriller, that wants to be in the same mould as `I know what you did last Summer', but for adults.

Alas, the statement on the DVD cover, “creepiest film since Rosemary's Baby” is so far off the mark as to be slanderous. The story revolves around a high school reunion. As the previous clique of friends reunite it is clear they share a common secret (yawn, stop me if you've heard it before..) which threatens to be exposed.

OK, so the performances are not universally bad. There is a wonderfully unlikeable slut, Sara - played by Abigail Morgan, who wants to upset the applecart and potentially expose the secret, and a vulnerable young man who has more skeletons in his closet than just his sexuality to worry about. Very little happens, and when it does it is just not very interesting. The plot has so many loose ends as to be a tripping hazard.

The only positive point is how short the movie is. I recommend avoiding, unless you are a real fanatic about seeing all of this genre of movies.

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